About In the Loft Studios

Aaron Klump, In the Loft Studios, Drupal solutions in Bellingham, WAIn the Loft Studios, LLC is located in Bellingham, Washington, providing Drupal Web Development and Websites across the globe. Owned and operated by Aaron Klump, In the Loft Studios has been in business since 1997.

In the Loft Studios began as a digital audio recording studio in 1997 and has since gone through several phases (graphic/print design, digital video, multimedia), to eventually specialize in Drupal Web Development.  The first Drupal website was completed in 2008.  Most all new development is done using the Drupal web framework.

In the Loft Studios is located in beautiful Bellingham, Washington and serves both local and remote clients.  Throughout your project, video conferencing, phone calls, email and online project management will be used to facilitate communication and coordination.  For local clients, onsite meetings may also be thrown in to the mix as needed.

As a small business you have the benefit of working directly with the owner Aaron Klump.  Aaron has strong skills in front end User Experience Design, as well as backend code design and programming and therefore serves as the sole developer on nearly all projects.  On occasion, Aaron will invite talented graphic designers to enhance your project’s aesthetics, but in most cases your project will be entirely handled by Aaron.

Most ITLS clients are other small businesses looking for a complete website solution, however Aaron also works directly with several larger Drupal shops as a specialist/consultant to write custom modules and configurations.  Aaron is known for making Drupal “do backflips”.

Here are some reasons you might want to bring your project to In the Loft Studios:

  • You are building a Drupal website and need advanced customization.
  • You have a current website but it's too expensive to update; you want to be able to update it and make changes yourself.
  • You would like to have a new website that you can update on a regular basis and not have to pay your webmaster to do so.
  • You are a Bellingham business looking for a Bellingham web designer, another local business.

Regarding new projects:

  • Your website will be customized to exactly your needs.
  • Your website will be easily updated by you.
  • Your website will be built using a rock solid framework known as Drupal.  This is the same framework that powers many top sites on the web (The White House, Popular Science Online, The GrammysEric Claption)
  • Your website will come with a customized digital how-to manual, including screencasts and videos to show YOU how to use YOUR site.
  • You will be speaking with the person who designs and builds your site, so the team is “small” and available to you.
  • In the Loft Studios has a proven track record of satisfied clients over many years.

There are many ways to build websites these days, but they are far from equal.  If you think you might like to work with ITLS on your project, please contact Aaron.

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