Billing Policy

  • ITLS bills per time spent, not per project bid nor estimate.
  • All time (phone calls, emails, IM, Skype, meetings, design, coding, planning, travel, etc) spent on a project is billed.
  • You'll receive an invoice after the first of the month for work done during the previous month.
  • Payment can be made by check, or cash (if hand delivered)
  • Payment by bank card via Paypal is accepted, with 3% of the total added to cover Paypal fees.
  • New client (If you've never worked with me before) interview is on-the-house; I think we both should have an opportunity to talk before commencing your project, and this meeting will not be billed.
  • First project requires a deposit (amount determined by project).
  • If I give an estimate, it is not a bid, and should only serve as a rough idea of what a part of your project may entail timewise.
  • Furthermore, estimates describe the time I may spend building that portion, and do not include the time we will spend discussing or revising it since I have no way of knowing that portion.
  • If payment is more than 60 days past due, ITLS reserves the right to disable the functionality introduced during the project cycle. That is to say, we may remove/disable that portion of your website or application which has not yet been paid for without your consent and until full payment has been received. We also reserve the right to withhold administration credentials on delinquent accounts.
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