Drupal Vs. Joomla

Joomla comes up from time to time in discussions with clients. "Why Drupal and not Joomla?", they ask.

When I was first looking into which Content Management System (CMS) to adopt and take on as my choice framework, I did brief research into the comparison of the two. I asked a few people whom I trusted and who had experience with the two platforms, as to which I should study. The overall consensus went something like this, "You will be up and running faster with Joomla (the learning curve is shorter), but you will probably outgrow it much faster."

What does it mean to "outgrow it"? That it would suffice for MOST projects but not ALL. Meaning it could do MOST things, but there were going to be times when I'd have to revert back to straight PHP code to make things happen, or break out of the framework for at least parts of a complex project.

To test this, my first Drupal project was slated to be a custom php web app, but I decided to see if I could pull it off in Drupal, thinking, if Drupal can handle even this, then it can handle anything. To me it would be a better investment of time and energy, even if it took longer to learn. At the end of that project I was convinced that I could program anything using the Drupal framework, better and faster, than straight PHP code. In other words, Drupal has the flexibility to bend in any direction, to any length. Three years running, and many drupal projects later, I have yet to prove that statement incorrect.

To read more about what others think comparing Joomla and Drupal follow the link below:


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