Knowing These Answers Can Save You $$$

  1. Why am I starting this project? What do I hope to gain?
  2. What do I hope the world gains from this project?
  3. What is my "product"?
  4. Who is my target user?
  5. Who are my competitors? Have I searched around to see if there are other people meeting the stated need or goal already? How can I do it better?
  6. Why is my site unique?
  7. What is my timeline and is it realistic?
  8. How much money can I spend?
  9. What is my domain name and is it available?
  10. Where will my website be hosted?
  11. Do I have a flowchart of how my website will work?
  12. Who is going to create the graphics?
  13. Who is going to create the website?
  14. Have I identified three related websites I like and why? How about three related websites I don't like, and why?
  15. What am I willing to delay to the second version in order to save time and money?
  16. How involved will I be in the maintenance and updates to the website? Have I allocated an ongoing budget to cover these needs?
  17. How will the data generated by the website be backed up?
  18. What browser support is required?
  19. How will I measure the success of my website?
  20. Who will be "testers" of the site to make sure it works before it goes out to the world?
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