Pleased Clients

Hi Aaron,

We just sent out our quarterly newsletter (below) announcing our new look and are getting very positive responses from our colleagues and supporters. Here is one below from Alan who we used to work with a few years ago.

What an elegant, refined, cutting edge look and feel. I think this is the best yet!
Congratulations to all involved.


Thanks for all that you do!


Cleary Vaughan-Lee
Director of Education
twitter: goproject
T. +1.415.457.9447
Global Oneness Project

Dear Aaron,

The Communications Office at Williams is in the process of "taking over" departmental websites in order to unify style, etc. They will be setting up a new website for us over the summer and are now in the process of design. Once finished, Communications will assume responsibility for maintaining and editing our site. We anticipate that they will need to work with you during the transition in June and July and that we may still need your services in August. At that point, the new site will be up and Communications will run it.

On behalf of the entire department, I want to thank you for the years of work that you have done on our website!

I wish you all the best.


W. Anthony Sheppard
Professor of Music
Chair, Department of Music
Williams College

Journal of the American Musicological Society

Bernhard Music Center
54 Chapin Hall Drive
Williamstown, MA 01267

Also, wanted to mention that we're very appreciative of the work you're doing. It has been great to see these projects come together and work so well right out of the gate (we're not really used to that!). You do some great work, and if I can ever serve as a reference for your company, I'd love to do that. Thanks!

-Kelly, Fairhaven Health

We launched on May 28th, 2010. Here's what my client John, a.k.a DJ Skout had to say on launch day.

Check out the behind the scenes video here.

Hi Aaron,

Thank you for all of your help over the last two years. You made my life much easier and that is a true service.

Thank you again,
Myrna Yoder (website retired in 2010)


For starters, I just want to mention that the new site looks great, and I think it is so much more user-friendly for editing and it has so many more features. It's outstanding in my opinion.

I also love the movie demos. I've gone through sessions before to learn how to operate editor tools, and this is by far the best training situation. I can go back and watch it as many times as I need...

Thanks so much, and, again, it looks great!

Amy McFall Prince
The Dinner Hour
Loft Project: convert to Drupal 6

Things are looking good. Very good. And, that is largely due to your outstanding preparation, planning and execution. Really appreciated, my friend! The team is grateful, too. Have a great weekend. You deserve it!

Alan Zulch, Educational Development Director


We really don't know where to start when giving you a five-star recommendation. It's just such a joy working with you on so many different projects and you have made each one of them a great experience.

We appreciate the fact that through the many jobs you've done for us you always return emails and phone calls. Your excellent suggestions and ideas have contributed to far better designs and better ways of programming a particular part of our projects than what we originally had in mind. We have yet to find something that you couldn't program and we've come up with some real complicated sites with special programming needs. As fast as the Internet changes, you've also met those challenges by learning and implementing the latest technology to help with our projects - another star.

We have never worked with a programmer who talks English as well as you do. What we mean by that is: You understand both the lay world and the technical world of programming, so you put the technical part into understandable terms and plain English for us. Our experiences with other programmers have been frustrating and very confusing to say the least, with them talking about PHP, HTML, MYSQL Data bases, Ajax, Java script, etc.

Basically, when it comes down to it, we don't use anyone but you anymore because of all the reasons just mentioned. We also like that when we discuss a project, you don't try to sell us the job. You point out the real issues or problems if we did it a certain way, and then you give us an easier better solution even if it means decreasing your profits. That's why we know that when we deal with you, we will always get a good and honest quote.

Overall, on a scale from 1 to 10, Aaron, we would rate you and your service well above 10. Yes, Aaron, we are impressed and appreciate being a long-standing customer of yours.


Frank A Trueblood
Jean K.
Justin T.
Bob C.

"Aaron Klump created an outstanding video for us that has directly resulted in attracting more business. He was professional in all ways and understood our needs and delivered upon our requests. He went above and beyond what we asked of him which resulted in a great video with great audio. We highly recommend Aaron and his audio and video talents and will surely continue to use his services."


"Aaron Klump and In The Loft Studios (ITLS) is by far the most reliable and reasonably priced web designer I have ever worked with. I have referred many friends and business associates to ITLS and they have all been very pleased with the service, the amazing creativity Aaron and his crew are able to produce and the cost effectiveness of their work. I have had active websites for the last 12 years for various businesses I've been involved with. One of the biggest problems I have had is reliable service from my web-masters. Getting the right information posted quickly and accurately is imperative! In The Loft Studios gets my vote as the best around!"

-Tobias Christensen

"Thank you so much for helping me solve my 'website blues' I really appreciate your kindness and attention!"

- Peace, Michelle

"Whether you need a codemonkey who's up on the latest technology, or a designer with an eye for impact, you'll find the solution to your website woes at In the Loft Studios. Aaron helped get my website running smoothly and efficiently with the exact features I wanted. He also provided me with good, solid design advice that augmented the structure and theme I already had in place rather than suggest some radical alteration."

- Kameron M. Franklin, author

"When it came time to update our tired web site "In the Loft Studios" not only helped us through the process but provided many great and creative idea's. They continue to provide top-notch service and maintenance of our web site. I would highly recommend them."

- Michael Nelson, Corporate Director Of Operations, Parkrose Hardware

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